Signature Keynote

Scale Your Small Business

How to Obliterate Entrepreneurial Overwhelm and Blast Your Revenues to the Next Level

Imagine a world where your business runs so efficiently that you actually have the time and space to focus on what matters most.

While your business continues to grow and scale, you have leverage to enjoy life and live out your purpose. There’s time for family, passion projects, giving back and helping others. You feel fulfilled and are living out your highest legacy.

This is the dream for most entrepreneurs. But the challenge is that constant interruptions, distractions and lack of focus keep it just that – a dream. You very likely have big goals for your business and your life, but overwhelm and the daily grind keep you saying, “some day”. The challenge is, someday never comes unless you learn how to be a true master of managing your day, your business and your life.

In this enlightening, entertaining and thought-provoking keynote, serial entrepreneur and seven figure business owner Jillian Flodstrom will share with your audience exactly how to get out of entrepreneurial overwhelm once and for all so that they can focus on what matters, scale their business and make their greatest impact in the world.

Audience members will leave with tactical strategies for how to prioritize their days, hire and grow their teams, and scale from six to seven figures.

Key Takeaways:

Audience members will learn:

  • The CLEAR method for reducing overwhelm
  • The productivity secret used by Olympians, billionaires and ultra-producers
  • Simple yet effective strategies you can implement today to see an increase in productivity
  • The three steps to evaluate and prioritize your to do list
  • The three most important elements to focus on for small business growth