174 – How Automation Can Help Your Business Grow with Jason Benedict

Our guest on this episode of the Scale Your Small Business podcast is Jason Benedict, the owner of the Automation Agency, a successful marketing firm that helps small businesses improve their sales and marketing through automation. This allows their clients to increase revenue, attract more customers, and achieve greater efficiency and freedom in their business. Jason is joining us today to show us how automation can help grow our businesses and maximize our potential.

Everyone loves automation, or at least they know they need it even if they haven’t fully embraced it yet. The problem is that some people don’t know how to effectively implement it in their business.

Automation is a vital part of Jason’s business, and they help around 100 small businesses each month with automation using the Infusionsoft platform. Jason’s company, Automation Agency, is a certified partner with Infusionsoft and is enthusiastic about the use of automation in their business, stating that they “eat, sleep and drink and breathe it.”

Jason became interested in automation after seeing the impact it had on a small business he worked at, where automation helped increase membership from 300 to 900 in a short period of time. The Automation Agency was founded in 2014 and has grown significantly in the past few years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Benedict, there are three key categories that businesses need to focus on in order to be successful: collecting leads, converting clients, and creating repeat business and fans. The agency has developed a framework called the C3 framework, which helps businesses design a customer journey that is frictionless and includes the right amount of touchpoints and decision points while still maintaining a human element.

There are important touchpoints and decision points in the customer journey, and automation can help small businesses follow up with potential clients, including flowcharting and diagramming the sales process in order to identify and fix any hidden gaps that may be holding a business back. There are also common mistakes businesses make, such as not following up enough with potential clients, that automation can help with. 

Automation can help businesses streamline their processes and save time by allowing them to focus on other areas of their business. In Jason’s view, it’s important to use a customer relationship management (CRM) system because of the many benefits it can provide in terms of organization and automating tasks.

Small businesses can count on automation to be a powerful tool for growing their business. It can help them streamline processes, increase efficiency, and boost growth. One key aspect of automation is the ability to outline a clear timeline and process for clients, which can help to eliminate confusion and ensure that they know exactly what to expect. This can be especially valuable in creating clear and organized processes that can lead to significant results. For example, one of Jason’s clients was able to generate $150,000 in booked sales in just one week by using automation to segment their database and promote specific procedures to the most promising prospects. Automation can also be used to increase follow-up with clients and keep them engaged with your business, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction and potentially even more sales. Ultimately, automation can help small businesses to grow and thrive, and is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Automation Agency also offers a LinkedIn automation solution that helps businesses save time and build relationships with their target audience. The solution includes automated connection requests and notifications that follow a specific method called the BEAT method, which stands for build, engage, educate, and promote. This helps businesses communicate with their audience in a more personal and relational way, freeing up time for other tasks such as building relationships with existing customers and promoting webinars or other events.

In addition, the Automation Agency works with businesses to identify the right frequency and timing for marketing messages and helps them to use a variety of channels, including SMS and voicemail drops, to reach their audience. The agency aims to help small businesses grow through automation and create an impact on their lives. They recommend taking their C3 quiz to identify hidden growth gaps in a business and implementing automation to fill those gaps. 

Automation can help small business owners save time, generate leads, and grow their businesses. Business owners can start small with automation and to reach out to experts for help in order to maximize their time and achieve success.

Learn more about Jason Benedict and the Automation Agency here:

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