180 – The Secret to Rob Fraser’s Success: Autonomy, Collaboration, and Staying Ahead of the Game with Rob Fraser

On this episode of the “Scale Your Small Business” podcast, host Jillian Flodstrom welcomes CEO of Outway Socks, Rob Fraser. 

Rob shares his journey of starting the unique and environmentally conscious sock company and the challenges and successes he faced along the way. 

During their conversation, they delve into Rob’s vision for the future of the fashion industry and his approach to creating a sustainable product while still providing all-day comfort, performance, and style.

Rob emphasizes the importance of recognizing hard work in a team environment and how it can lead to benefits such as autonomy, collaboration, and making team members feel seen and heard. 

He also shares his methods for staying up to date with industry trends and competition, including consuming information from various sources like Twitter, podcasts, and audiobooks.

In the discussion, Rob highlights the role of technology in business and mentions Shopify as a powerful tool for e-commerce. He emphasizes the importance of using technology to simplify work and help businesses grow. Rob also shares free tools like Clavio that small business owners can take advantage of to streamline their operations. Join this exciting conversation about socks, business, and the future of fashion.

Where to find Rob Fraser:

Show Notes

“You can’t make an impact if you’re not “in” business.” Rob Fraser
“We're trying to build a network that's profitable for everybody and it's successful for everybody. We want to create a win-win-win with everybody.” Corey Ahern
“There’re going to be things that come your way and try to knock you off and put you out of business. Ultimately, your ability to be resilient is what gives you the lessons, the insights and ultimately the know how to actually get to the next level.” Rob Fraser
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